Surfing Life Board Test – The Crumpet
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Surfing Life Board Test – The Crumpet

Surfing Life Board Test – The Crumpet

5’9” x 21 x 2 5/8”

Volume: 33.7L 

Woody’s Comments

I’d never ridden a Clearwater board before, so it was cool to try one. It’s a shape that I think would work really well for anyone. It’s got a nice wide point up front, which made it really easy to catch waves. It also had a nice pulled in tail though; so the further you were back on the board the easier it was to throw around. On a long, flat point break where you had a chance to draw out your turns and do some carving I think it would work really well. It felt really nice going rail to rail and being out on the open face. For someone that hasn’t experimented too much with fish style boards, I think this one would be a great step in that direction. It’s not too extreme in the fish direction, it’s still got nice clean lines, but would be an ideal summer groveler, but still having enough performance aspects to hold its own in some decent surf. The board itself had a great finish, the tint looked rad and the workmanship was top quality and you could tell that the moment you pulled it out of the bag.

Shaper’s Comments

The Crumpet is designed to suit a large range of surfers, from high performance rippers to those just beginning. It has a wider outline, making it perfect for the smaller, mushier waves you’re stuck surfing in summer. It still has a refined shape, especially through the tail, so you don’t lose any manoeuvrability or agility in the water. The Crumpet is perfect for the person who needs that extra bit of foam or just wants to get into waves earlier without compromising the performance of the board. It is a wave-catching, fast, fun small wave board that is smooth to surf with a touch of looseness. It also goes great in the barrel. Clearwater team riders favour this board for airs as it pops out of the lip easily and has forgiveness on landing.

Steve Del Rosso has been shaping his own label, Clearwater Surfboards, for over 20 years, originally in Rockingham, Western Australia and in more recent years in Currumbin, QLD.

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