Surfing Life Board Test – The Accelerator
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Surfing Life Board Test – The Accelerator

Surfing Life Board Test – The Accelerator


“I knew you guys were going to get it pumping because Indo has had its best year in a long time, and when I heard Mooney was on it I thought OK, he’s a good powerful surfer, so I made this. It’s a good all-round performance board designed to be able to surf on a rail and take a fair bit of pressure. It’d be about 20% of what I make at present. I’m a bit over the short, fat, wide thing right now. I see crew slipping and sliding around on those sorts of boards, and I do make them, but I’ve had increasing numbers of surfers, especially Western Australians, wanting to jump on something they can carve on – get back to that feeling of power surfing and turning at speed. A bit more foam in the rail helps that as long as it’s tapered through the foil. You could ride this up to six feet and bigger if you needed.”


Andrew: “This was the first board I rode, just out the front. 4-5’ slopey sections and a couple of steep ones. For the majority of the time it fitted in and did whatever I wanted. It really drove on open-face carves, especially projecting into and out of them, and even in the tighter two-foot end bowl sections it still fitted in, I guess there’s a bit of late kick and a lively feel off the tail. It paddled really well and I feel like the rocker is pretty bang on. It’d suit a wide range of conditions. I think I might follow Clearwater on Instagram, or the Lady of Many Colours who glasses them, so there’s some familiarity there. To me it leans towards a standard performance board, but has some perks you’d find in good, smaller-wave boards and would work for a lot of guys in a lot of conditions.


“Loved it. I want to take it with me.”


“Sometimes you just gotta go by feel with a board. The way this one felt was rock solid and that’s how it surfed. A classical, simple, high-performance surfboard, with a fair bit of foam and everything in the right place, it’s got all of Steve Del Rosso’s design hallmarks: The foil set a little bit forward, the super-clean rail line, and the subtly blended concave that holds speed without overplaying its hand. The Clearwater is a great all-rounder for this moment in history. It’s got speed and torque on the rail and it responds better and better the more pressure you put on it.

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